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Dynamic mapping of COVID-19 cases

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주안노래방 010-5929-5447 CSIR-IIP and CSIR-NEERI are developing capabilities to map data on Google Earth for quick and improved visualization as compared to static representation. This has already been implemented in ambient noise mapping of various cities of Nagpur and Mumbai.CSIR-NEERI is already 주안노래방 010-5929-5447 publishing GIS static map of COVID-19 cases in Maharashtra in association with the Ministry of Health, Government of Maharashtra. The app has been well appreciated in various forums.Mapping of COVID-19 cases as per cities and countries has been made available 주안노래방 010-5929-5447 by several organisations which require web browser and are static. CSIR-NEERI and CSIR-IIP have developed a publicly shared link to map the COVID-19 cases, i.e., Total, Active, Cured and Death data on Google Earth app. The link opens on the 주안노래방 010-5929-5447 desktop and also in Android and iPhone. It has been jointly developed by CSIR-NEERI, Nagpur &ampCSIR-IIP, Dehradun for COVID-19 cases of Uttarakhand, Maharashtra, India and the world.The link is more dynamic, easy to share on Google Earth enabled COVID-19 map 주안노래방 010-5929-5447 and does not require any web browser. The user can see the COVID-19 data with a simple click on their mobile through Whatsapp, which is the most frequently used app worldwide. The information gets updated daily. The most unique feature 주안노래방 010-5929-5447 of the link is a 3D view of the COVID-19 data (Total, Active, Cured and Death cases) in a more realistic and dynamic manner to visualize and understand the COVID-19 information.The application can be disseminated among more number of users 주안노래방 010-5929-5447 by sharing on Whatsapp. Based on these features and capabilities, the user can make his/her own prediction and further analyses on Google Earth for better planning and management of the COVID-19 situation.Please explore the link using Google Earth application on 주안노래방 010-5929-5447 your mobiles/laptop/desktop:https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1vOGFsjinDo_D6hWzqL1jt_QFeLEYfMv1?usp=sharingThis app was launched on the World Environment Day (5 June 2020). A video link (YouTube) is also attached for your reference: https://youtu.be/tyKk7silSnA-------------Dr D.C. Pandey is Head, Public Engagement DirectorateCSIR-Indian Institute of Petroleum, Dehradun. Email: dcpandey@iip.res.in


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